Working remotely: Why we support flexibility policies where our employees can decide

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Nuvolar Works

October 28, 2021 · 2 min read

Covid-19 has changed organizations drastically. From one day to another, companies had to adapt to 100% remote work scenarios. At Nuvolar, we decided to implement a policy based on flexibility, allowing our employees to decide where they want to work at any time. In this article, we’ll explain how we managed to make it happen, what we have done to cope with the challenges, and what our approach looks like moving forward.

Written by: Claudia Regàs, HR Associate at Nuvolar.

One of our core values at Nuvolar is adapting to new challenges and being flexible in every aspect.

We are driven by change and new challenges. Technology, businesses, people, and the world around us are constantly changing, and so we are.

At Nuvolar, we believe that adapting to this volatile environment is crucial for our growth not only at the personal but also professional level.

Since the pandemic started, we have primarily been working remotely, and it is something that we will keep doing when the pandemic is over.

Our people can decide whether they want to work from home or go to the office, as we each have our own preferences.


Our new offices are open to everyone

We have opened new offices at the WeWork co-working space in Glòries (Barcelona).

However, we leave it up to each employee to decide whether they want to work from home or go to the office as we understand that each person has their own preferences.



About Nuvolar:

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