Our Social Media Initiative for Positive Change

This May, we launched a very special initiative to generate social impact: For every new follower received, we’d be donating €5 to Doctors Without Borders. Together, we can make a real difference… 🏥💙

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May 24, 2024 · 4 min lectura

❗UPDATE: A million thanks to the + 4️⃣ 1️⃣ 9️⃣ new followers we received on Nuvolar’s social media channels. Thanks to them, we’ve been able to raise €2,095 to bring urgent medical and humanitarian assistance to those in need. Thank you for helping us make an impact.


At Nuvolar, we believe in ✨ the power of technology to create positive change! ✨

As our company grows and our LinkedIn followers increase, we’re inspired to do something special to celebrate this milestone.

That is why we decided to channel our resources towards a cause that resonates with our values, putting into place a very special initiative: we will be donating €5 for every new follower we receive in May on our social media channels.

All funds raised will go directly towards Doctors Without Borders 🩺 .

This amazing non-profit org provides urgent medical assistance in the eye of the storm, not only on the ongoing conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine, but also on any natural disaster happening around the world.


Why this Initiative?

One of the reasons we came up with this idea is because we’re exhibiting at 3 tech events this May and we expect our followers to grow even more due to our participation in:

World Tour Essentials Barcelona, a Salesforce tech event taking place in Barcelona on May 16th where Nuvolar is a Silver Sponsor.

Codemotion, a tech conference mainly for devs, taking place in Madrid on May 21-22 where Nuvolar is Gold Sponsor.

EBACE, European Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition, taking place in Geneva on May 28-30 where we’ll be promoting NuvolOps.

We thought «Why not dedicate this Growth to a good cause?»… Doctors without Borders is an amazing humanitarian organisation with whom we’ve collaborated in the past. We couldn’t wait to see how many new followers we could gather!».

– Marc-Anthony Padula, CEO at Nuvolar Consulting –


Taking Action: The Framework of Our Initiative

Every follower counted.

Each new connection helped us spread the word about our mission and increased our ability to contribute to social causes. By participating in this initiative, users were not only supporting Nuvolar but helping to create a better future for everyone.

Doctors without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) is a humanitarian org which provides medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics or natural disasters.


It was easy to get involved. Participants simply had to follow us on any of our social media channels:

For those already following us—thank you for being part of our amazing community 🤗— they simply could share this article by clicking on any of the social media icons below this page, or Like/Share any of our posts to help us spread the word. It was a simple action that could lead to significant change.

We were incredibly excited about this initiative and couldn’t wait to see how many new followers we could end up gathering!


Why Social Media?

Social media isn’t just about sharing updates and connecting with friends—it’s also a powerful tool for driving social change.

By leveraging our growing presence on LinkedIn and Instagram, we aim to amplify our impact and engage our community in meaningful ways.

This initiative isn’t just about numbers; it’s about bringing people together to support a common cause.

Thank you for being a part of our community and helping us make a difference! 💙


Our Commitment to Positive Change

At Nuvolar, we love setting our own special challenges that create significant social impact.

Check out all the amazing challenges we’ve created at Nuvolar to get our entire team involved!


Our mission goes beyond developing advanced software solutions for Aviation and high-tech industries; we’re committed to leaving a positive footprint in everything we do. This means making technology accessible to people and contributing to the overall development of society.

One of the things that make Nuvolar special is our team’s enthusiasm for giving back. We’re all about creating our own challenges and getting everyone involved.

Whether it’s a charity walk initiative, an environmental challenge, or this new social media action, we’re always looking for ways to make a difference!

By engaging our entire team, we ensure that everyone has a role to play in our mission to leave a positive impact.



Acerca de Nuvolar:

“Somos una empresa de consultoría, desarrollo e innovación digital dedicada a un único propósito: ¡ayudar a las empresas a adoptar soluciones de software de alta tecnología que les permitan crecer.”