Company is founded by entrepreneur Patrick Puck

After 9 years in the USA co-founding and running the cloud-based company Ordermotion, Patrick Puck decided to move back to Europe. Although he is originally from Austria, he decided to come to Barcelona where he founded Puck Solutions.

First big project on Salesforce

In summer 2010 we start building an ERP for the private aviation industry on top of the platform.

New CTO is hired

In 2011 Patrick decides to hire a new CTO to help him manage the expansion of the development team. Marc Vivas is hired for that role.

Development team splits

After a few months of deliberation, Puck Solutions' team is divided into two. One group will stay in the company and be led by Marc, whilst the other team will continue working directly for one of our clients and be led by Patrick. Due to this change Patrick transfers the CEO responsibility to Marc.

Change of company name
Nuvolar Works

In November 2017 the company changed its name to Nuvolar Works. Same spirit, same values, same people under a new name.

We become Salesforce Partner

Having gained an extensive experience developing business-critical applications on the Salesforce platform, Nuvolar Works becomes a Salesforce Certified Partner.